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Don’t forget to update your personal camera inventory , Google [Bot]. Find a camera by name:. Votes: 17 Suggest the rarity Add this camera to your inventory Add this camera to your wishlist. Known as “brick”. Several variations of wind knob, accessory clip and name plates. During the years it was manufactured, it was the best selling 35mm camera, around 2 million cameras were sold. There were a couple of hundred models refurbished in , which could cost a little more. Camera manual.

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What is it? Both of these cameras are called the Kodak The Eastman-Kodak company had an undeniable influence on the photographic industry of the late s and early s. They were pioneers in both film and camera design. They invented daylight loading roll film and helped to standardize almost all formats of film in the 20th century. The designs of their cameras ran the gamut from extremely basic box cameras to extremely high end cameras with state of the art features and excellent lenses.

This is the C3 model, and this particular camera was most likely produced between A few notes on dating this camera: Speed reminder dial is in.

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The third time, as they say, was a charm. The first one chewed up my film pretty badly. I had trouble getting accurate focus with the second and something was wrong with my film. Meet my third C3, with which everything finally went well. Argus manufactured C3s from to , taking a couple years off during the war. The state of the camera art changed a lot during those 27 years, but demand remained for a capable and relatively inexpensive 35mm camera.

This is an vintage 35mm film camera, Argus CS Matchmatic, dating from through The C3 was constructed primarily of Bakelite plastic and metal.

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He thought it would be funny to stuff a new digital camera into the body of an old, obsolete camera, just to see how people would react to it. He considered several different cameras, including a bulky old Polaroid, eventually settling on a far more manageable Argus C3. He transferred knobs from the original camera to his new false body, adding to the authenticity, before taking it out for some test shots.

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A guide to estimating the date of production of Argus cameras made between and Copyright by Phillip G. Sterritt.

There are thousands of different models on his site sourced from all over the world, dating as far back as photography was invented, each one faithfully photographed and catalogued by Sylvain. Coronet Fildia moire , made in France, , far less common than the standard version because of its pattern [ link ]. Alsaphot Alsaflex , made in France, [ link ]. Bilora Boy , made in Chilli by the German company Bilora, [ link ]. Hit Mini Camera , made in Hong Kong, All Hit types are designed to take tiny rolls of film, normally with 10 shots per roll and return negatives just 14x14mm.

Coronet Midget , Made in England, , cost around five shillings. The Coronet Midget must be one of the most popular of all small cameras to collect. Coronet company marketed their own 6-exposure film specifically for the Midget. Albini Alba , made in Italy circa


The Argoflex E was the first of a fairly long line of Argoflexes, which actually eventually devolved into cheap plastic box-like cameras in the last models 75, 40 , not unlike oversized Kodak Duaflexes. This particular E is actually the later model of the first Argoflex E, with a coated lens instead of the earlier uncoated version; Argus called this the E type 2 on their website back when it had information about film cameras. Varex lens? I thought it was the shutter name — I generally assume names ending in -ax or -ex to be shutter names Ilex, Rapax, Graphax, etc.

Not a high-end shutter by any means, but it does the job. Actually mine was gummed up and not working when I got it, see below for fix.

Vintage Camera Argus C3 Rangefinder with Sekonic Light Meter.

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When was my Argus camera made?

Discussion in ‘ Collector’s Corner ‘ started by Mitica , Jan 24, Dating and identifying cameras Discussion in ‘ Collector’s Corner ‘ started by Mitica , Jan 24, Dec 3, SRT with self timer.

Argus C3’s are fun as they are ” Auto Nothing”. All the big boys at one time of another had a decent Rangefinder and with good Black and White Film and a Red.

Film type: 35mm film Lens : Argus Coated Cintar 50mm The Argus C3 rangefinder camera was introduced by Argus in It was a minor revision of the Argus C2 , adding flash sync sockets to the side of the camera. However this model became Argus’s runaway success story, staying in production through with only minor changes. Fondly known as “the Brick,” the camera brought 35mm rangefinder photography down to a price affordable by amateurs who could not dream of owning a Leica or Contax.

In the present day, it has become something of a cult classic, despite its rather basic list of features, due to its ruggedness, kitschy aesthetic, and usability, not to mention its massive availability on the antique market. Cosmetic variations range from the later model C3’s with “Colormatic” markings to simplify finding the correct exposure for amateurs, to the completely re-imagined C3’s marketed as the Match-Matic C3 and Golden Shield.

There are several immediate successors, including the Argus C33 and the Argus C4 , all of which attempt to bring new functionality at the cost of increasing the complexity of the camera. The C3 is made of bakelite and metal framings, with the front and rear panels covered in leatherette. True to nickname, the C3 is quite brick-shaped; heavy and hard to hold, but surprisingly compact for a budget 35mm camera from the period.

Indeed, for a small, low-priced camera, it has a decent range of features, allowing professional results from a well-adjusted, competently used example. One way the engineers of the C3 kept these systems compact and cheap to manufacture was by simplifying each mechanism as much as possible.

Vintage Camera Retrofit Perfect For Trolling Strangers

There is now info from both the Dec and Dec issues, as well as from what appears to be the ‘Photo Dealer Camera Identification Guide’ dating I’m guessing from around , and a list published by someone named Ben Miller I just have a marginally legible photocopy of page 51 of something, with Ben Miller’s name on it. We know that the ranges listed for the Argoflexes are inaccurate or incomplete, there are instances of C3s with serial numbers outside the stated ranges, and the noted discrepancy in the start of the range for the model 21, so don’t bet the mortgage on any of this.

A’ 3 same numbers as A3 shown, says ‘in common with A3 serial numbers’ 4 None. Bears stamped date of manufacture 1st 2 digits – year, last 2 digits – month 5 Dec guide, Photo Dealer say range starts ; Dec , Ben Miller say 6 Dec guide has note about flash synch that refers to models ‘ I have a prewar C3, the serial number of which is C There are also prewar C3s with the ‘zero-prefix’ serial numbers as referenced in the list..

As the negatives produced by this camera were very small, just 17x12mm, to make for the Girard cameras are often found in the newspapers and magazines dated around [link]. Argus C3 Matchmatic, made in the USA.

Focusing: matching rangefinder images in the viewfinder, by turning the knob on front of the camera. Frame counter: manual reset, decreasing type, window near the cocking lever, a thumb wheel for resetting on the back of the top plate. Exposure meter Selenium cell built-in automatic exposure control sets the lens to the right opening. Film speed range: ASA setting: press the small tab and turn the ring on the lens-shutter barrel.

Exposure setting: Automatic, set to A in the window by turning nearest ring to the camera, set the speeds ring for scene or action, indicator of the exposure meter directly visible in the viewfinder, it must be in the clear area, the red areas are for over- or under exposure warning. Flash PC socket: on the left side of the camera with attachment for dedicated flash units.

Argus Autronic C3

Find out how the camera has evolved. Believe it or not, the very first camera can be traced back to , although it took until before someone figured out a way to preserve the image. The earliest surviving photograph dates from and required an exposure time of over eight hours. It was then another 70 years before George Eastman learned to make photographic film, and it took until the turn of the century before the Brownie arrived.

Date of Production: – Variants: Argus C3 The Argus C3 rangefinder camera was introduced by Argus in It was a minor.

Camera obscura , from a manuscript of military designs. Seventeenth century, possibly Italian. The history of the camera can be traced much further back than the introduction of photography. Cameras evolved from the camera obscura , and continued to change through many generations of photographic technology, including daguerreotypes , calotypes , dry plates , film , and digital cameras.

Photographic cameras were a development of the camera obscura , a device dating back to the ancient Chinese [1] and ancient Greeks , [2] [3] which uses a pinhole or lens to project an image of the scene outside upside-down onto a viewing surface. On 24 January mathematician and instrument maker Reiners Gemma Frisius of Leuven University used one to watch a solar eclipse , publishing a diagram of his method in De Radio Astronimica et Geometrico in the following year. Before the invention of photographic processes there was no way to preserve the images produced by these cameras apart from manually tracing them.

Argus C3 How To Operate, How to load Film, How To Calibrate Rangefinder.