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Would Be like:. So I reblog so many fics because I want to make sure that all my faves and even smaller writers get recognition for the hard work that they do. Honestly they are so creative and amazing and I am always blown away by the writing that they put out. I have gotten to know Kelly for a while now and honestly she is so sweet and is always up for talking about our faves. She recently moved her writing and stuff over to another blog, so I hope its ok for me to tag it here but yeah! Everything is so detailed and organized and honestly I am just obsessed. Honestly, I always get so excited when I see they put out another part of the series that they are working on because i know it will always be an adventure! I recently followed this blog and immediately fell in love with all their work. SUPER high quality works all day every day. There are literally so many more blogs that I want to recognize for their writings because everything I have read has honestly been so amazing and so much fun to read.

EXO’s D.O Talks About How He Wishes He Could Date

On a K-pop community site, K-netizens recently talked about Korean idols who people often mistook as siblings, and which pair of idols they think really do resemble each other. Unlimited access to all unedited reaction videos ever posted on ReacttotheK 2. G-Dragon – Big Bnag 4. TOP – Big Bang 2. Eunhyuk – Super Junior 3. I take requests for every kpop group!

I feel it in my bones I became convinced of this when I saw a radio interview featuring exo. The members were asked to pick between Apinks.

I became convinced of this when I saw a radio interview featuring exo. The members were asked to pick between Apink’s cute concept or Girls Day sexy concept, and all of the members chose the cute concept except for D. In that moment everyone became kind of flustered at D. O’s answer and when the host asked him “why choose that concept” he got all weird and all the exo members were laughing. He answered that he likes the “sexy concept” more but did so in an awkward way.

Also Minha picking D. O as her ideal type is suspicious, since D. But his younger fans would tear her apart. I was wrong tho other members also chose Girls day after he raised his hand, but he was so obviously weird abt it. I dont see why not? Tbh it doesn’t seem to far feetched and we have a couple of idols saying a lot of idols date.. But oh well, they’ll look cute together. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

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Kpop idols react

EXO members agree D. O felt embarrass when he was shuttering during their debut interview. Aigoo, he prohibit himself from looking at the video.

Article: EXO DO and Girl’s Day’s Sojin dating rumors sprout back up to Minah’s dating scandal, and now Sojin they’re going to use EXO this.

Discussion in ‘ Celebrity Zone ‘ started by haylucky , Mar 18, Mina and Baekhyun should stop lying to the fans Discussion in ‘ Celebrity Zone ‘ started by haylucky , Mar 18, Tags: bts exo got7 snsd twice. If you want to criticize delusional fans, criticize their fake image first. For now, I like being on the stage. It’s not the right time yet. It’s not the right time yet My point and perspective about this is when idols say their girlfriends are Army’s or Igot7s or whatever else your being stupid as hell.

Because your creating a bigger problem to the fans entitlement issues like I’m sorry but I don’t find it annoying when the fans get mad at first only because I think about how the idol behaves also I do find it stupid that dating is a scandal when we should wish them happiness but idols should stop feeding this fantasy that their single and have only the fans. That’s just rude.

DisplayName2 , KrasheemaDiva , Yoursenpai and 2 others like this. Oh boo hoo, cry me a fucking river. I think its really stupid of idols to say things like that, but im pretty sure they are being told to say things like that.

Mat & Minah

Korean online commenters, known as netizens, have found alleged proof of a rumored relationship between EXO member D. O and Girls’ Day’s Sojin. Rumors have surrounded the two idols for several months, and netizens continuously produce material to try and convince others of the relationship with pictures from social media accounts. Beginning in January, Korean netizens have published accounts of Sojin and D. O’s relationship on popular Korean portal websites such as Pann and Instiz.

INFINITE’s L and Apink’s Naeun in Gayo , hmm:o; [KPKF] Dating rumors of EXO and Apink – Netizen Nation; Search | Harvest Bible Chapel. July 23,

Register now! I’ve forgotten minah password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Bang Min-ah Hangul:. She debuted as a member of the girl group Girl’s Dating dating and released her minah solo album, I Am a Woman Too, in. Minah released a solo digital single “Other Way” dating November 11,. Minah , Convinced made her film debut in Holly , playing a high school student who aspires to be a ballerina.

Minah , Minah featured in the family drama Sweet, Savage Family. She earned positive reviews for her portrayal of the “ugly” but down-to-earth protagonist. Day , Minah is minah to idol to small minah source the romantic comedy drama My Absolute Boyfriend , based on the Convinced dating series dating the same name. From Wikipedia, the convinced encyclopedia. South Korean singer. For other uses, see Minah disambiguation.

Girl’s Day Profile

I got it from ” lyrics. Im surprise that im still not used to the whole “Dating Scandal” reactions I know it hurts when your fav idol is maybe dating someone

Exo d o dating minah. kpop, drop, and roll. Dating kim jongin kai would include: Collection of exo-based masterposts your dare fluff: Exo.

Kai Sick Fanfic. He has thick black eyebrows and black eyes like every other player in the game. Inside Infected has the emotions somehow get sick. She’s like “sickness is just the state of the mind” or some bullshit like that. You know he’s not dying. Noone Nates age excluded him, but let’s be honest, that wouldn’t have happened without him faking to have a girfriend, either.

Ongoing Series Including OC’s -? He is the main protagonist of the theme’s storyline. Fanfiction is written for free by people who genuinely love what they’re writing about. When i realize he is not here to hold me tigh. Fighting and using group strength to protect themselves and each other. I’m just a girl who’s having fun : Also. She is always welcome. Nate told Hailey about his grandpa, and that he invented the Yo-Kai Watch.

Who is D.O’s Girlfriend?: Love life about D.O of EXO

When the news that the below idols smoked broke out, it led to fan controversy in one way or another. When this photo of Onew vaping surfaced, an argument ensued between fans who thought it was real and others who called it fake. Although many fans believe that all members of EXO smoke, there have only been four members caught with cigarettes.

Sehun and Tao were the first caught casually smoking in what looked like a lounge. Many fans expressed their disappointed in him, but the controversy eventually died down and fans seemed to accept his habit. Fans were shocked when they found photos of D.

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Exo d o dating minah. Him introducing you to his band mates. Literally all the time. Discrete forehead and cheek kisses in public. Kyungsoo is a police detective demoted to doing menial paperwork after the brutal murder of his former partner, Chanyeol, by a yet to be captured sociopathic killer known as “Aconite”. Before them, a sheer wall of dating kyungsoo would include rose from the ground and vanished into the clouds.

Kyungsoo can save Chanyeol’s planet, but Kyungsoo doesn’t really want anything to do with the powers that have doomed his race to near-extinction.

Mina and Baekhyun should stop lying to the fans

The real name of D. O is Do Kyung Soo. He was born in South Korea in Gyeonggi province.

EXO’s D.O reveals that he really wishes to date, just can’t at the moment. During an interview with TV Report, D.O talks about his first main.

It’s a secret that Sojin asked me to write this. Idols need to always remember that it’s the fans who bring them to the position they’re at now. They’re so full of themselves. It’s like they can never be quiet about it Sojin and Taeyeon.. No one cares if you’re dating but she seems to clearly be enjoying the attention. Got the group from 0 to fame through Hyeri’s shocking age gap with Tony, eagerly agreed to Minah’s dating scandal, and now Sojin So cheap.

Even DO is under Sojin’s spell I used to like sexier nunas when I was younger too. But once you get older, you switch to liking younger prettier girls. He’s so short and his body looks like some elementary school kid’s.

EXO’s D.O and Girls Day Sojin’s Dating Rumors Becomes Serious in Korea

First of all, I was reluctant to bring any further attention to this matter cos it started from a misunderstanding. And the fact that ainihaya from OH forum promised me a Golden Compass! Simple as that. This was taken in March , done by a famous Korean nail artist who posted it in her instagram.

Dating site rude girls. Dating methods for pottery women. Hanging out is not dating Dating sites pg 4. Exo d.o dating minah videos. Most niche dating sites.

Why are you trying to make things to tie DO for Sojin. Exo do and girls day sojin dating. Log in to Reply. Video about exo do and girls day sojin dating: Yura is asked about how she’s the only Girl’s Day member with no dating news. Exo do and sojin dating sites – We are not punching above where we want to be or where our expectations are. O and Girl’s Day Sojin. I will stop stanning him if he’s dating someone from Trash Day.

At least Sojin is way better Pictures of evidence. Hook up hang out just be in nyc. D o picked the song as his most favorite girlfriend in nyc.

Super Junior’s Heechul Reveals The Reason He Can’t Get Married Yet

The band debuted in , under Dream Tea Entertainment. Sojin facts: — She was born in Daegu, South Korea. If I do, I like people with big mouths.

Netizens thought they found evidence that the two were dating when they saw her nails referencing his eyes and with the words “I love DO”.

I am convinced Minah and D. O are dating. What is they were dating? How do you think DO would feel seeing responses like this? Saying you wouldn’t be their fan just because you don’t like the person their dating is too much. This is why idols are so reluctant to be open about their dating lives. EXO D.

Netizen Back Discover Evidence DO EXO and Sojin Girl’s Day Dating